Importance of Rotational Training in Golf

It’s that time of the year when the golfer are out! Let’s talk about something REALLY imporatant to your swing… Rotation! Rotational training is important in golf because it can help golfers improve their ability to rotate their body through the swing, which is critical for generating power, accuracy, and consistency. As we age we start to lose this flexibility and mobility. We just don’t move like we did in our 20s & 30s!

By focusing on rotation training, golfers can improve their flexibility, mobility, and stability in the areas of the body that are most important for the golf swing, including the hips, torso, and shoulders. This can have a huge benefit for golfers achieving a full range of motion in their swing, allowing them to generate more clubhead speed and power. Imagine adding 40-50 yrds on your drive!

Rotation training can also help golfers improve their body awareness and control. By training the body to rotate in a controlled and coordinated manner, golfers can improve their ability to maintain balance, rhythm, and tempo throughout the swing. This can lead to more consistent and accurate shots.

In addition to these physical benefits, rotation training can also help golfers develop mental and emotional skills that are important for success on the golf course. By focusing on the present moment and staying calm and focused under pressure, golfers can improve their ability to perform at their best when it matters most.

Overall, rotation training is an essential part of any golf training program, as it can help golfers improve their physical and mental abilities, leading to better performance on the course.

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