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The importance of plyometric training in athletes

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The importance of plyometric training in athletes

When we talk about plyometrics most of us think about a box jump because it’s known as jump training, but it’s so much more! There are lower AND upper body plyometrics that will cross over into your sports performance and it’s important to cover both when training. 

Prescribing plyometric drills to athletes,  isn’t just about throwing random drills that make you tired.  Each sport and position has its own unique requirements. Lower body plyometrics are a must for virtually any athlete in any sport. Some examples would be track and field throwing and sprinting, soccer, volleyball, basketball, football, baseball, and even endurance sports such as distance running and triathlons.

As we talked about before upper body plyometrics are important for sports that require powerful upper body movements. These sports include baseball, lacrosse, softball, tennis, golf, and throws in track and field.  When you think about any sport, the movements aren’t slow and lethargic!  They are quick, explosive movements that produce a maximal amount of force in a short amount of time. A basketball player jumping up for a rebound, or a tennis player hitting a serve are some simple examples of this.

At Our Team Fitness we have progressive programming that will teach our athletes the basics such as how to land in our Starter program.  As we progress them into our Next Level tier we continue to build on what we have learned and begin adding more technical moves such as repetitive jumping and finally we connect all the dots in our Edge program by putting athletes through drills that will crossover into their sports.

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