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Post Workout Nutrition

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Post Workout Nutrition

How important is post-workout nutrition?
By: Paige Valentik, MPS, RD, LDN

What you eat is important, but WHEN you eat is just as important! Eating before AND after your workout is essential to accomplish your goals, but let’s focus on post-workout nutrition. Your body uses stored energy in your muscles to power through your workout, but after that workout, you need to replenish the nutrients lost.

ADEQUATE post-workout nutrition

Refuels and re-hydrates the body
Promotes muscle growth and repair
Improves body composition
Increases endurance and adaptation to training sessions
Supports immune function
INADEQUATE post-workout nutrition:

Increased fatigue and muscle soreness
Loss of muscle mass and bone density
Increased risk for injury and/or illness
Reduced performance at your next training session
Longer recovery process
After a workout, focus on getting carbohydrates and protein into your body. This gives your muscles the ability to replenish the energy they just lost through training and helps your tired muscles rebuild and repair. Try to eat within the 30 to 45 minute “window of opportunity” after completing a workout. This is the time where your muscles and cells are most primed to take in these essential nutrients and use them effectively.

Post-workout meals and snacks include:

Post-workout smoothie from Our Team Fitness
Greek yogurt or cottage cheese with fruit
Grilled chicken on a whole grain wrap with veggies
Well-rounded dinner of lean protein, whole grains and vegetables
Scrambled eggs with whole grain toast and fruit
Tuna and crackers
For individualized nutrition recommendations regarding post-workout nutrition,
contact our RD Paige Valentik at paigevalentikRD@gmail.com.

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